We are an incubator for awesome beauty brands

Our mission is to transform the beauty industry by incubating meaningful perfume and cosmetic brands. We design and manufacture licensed and own brands, as well as private labels

We are committed to delivering the best of skincare and perfumery. This is what we do:


Brand Development & Licenced Brands

We build iconic brands from scratch – our own brands, as well as licensed brands. We work with retailers, suppliers, and influencers to create distinctive brands that consumers want and that speak to modern trends.


Private Label Product Development

We develop your private label and take over the entire process from product ideation and brand development, to production and distribution. Thanks to our worldwide supplier network, we provide full flexibility in terms of product, components, pricing, and quality.

Our brands

Over the past two decades, our team was involved in the development of some the most well-known beauty brands. Here are just a few examples of our latest brand developments:

SCHERK’s classic fragrance TARS was first a cult among men in the 1930s. We brought it back as a three fragrances "Limited Edition" developed together with Paris-based star perfumer Mark Buxton.
Ussy Pratama
In May 2021, Scherk developed and launched the high-end fragrance “In bed with” for Ussy Pratama as a D2C brand in Indonesia. Ussy Pratama is an acclaimed entertainer, actress and model with over 15 million Instagram followers who is able to inspire over two million YouTube subscribers with her content. Her fans love to know all about her and her fascinating life alongside celebrity husband Andhika Pratama. Her YouTube segment titled “In bed with Ussy” has already generated six million views.
Jessica Mila
Scherk has developed a D2C fragrance brand exclusively for Jessica Mila which was launched in September 2021. Jessica Mila Agnesia, a well-known model and actress of Dutch and Indonesian descent, is one of Indonesia’s most important influencers, with over 20 million followers. For many, she represents the truest form of beauty in women.
David Rothschild
Sovereign, historically influenced, timeless and of the highest quality. Rothschild - a name that attracts unconditional attention, a name that means respect for a great tradition, but also respect for the product created and the heritage it will leave behind. David Rothschild Perfumes, sold via retailers (e.g. Müller) in Germany, were composed as both a feminine, stylish women's fragrance, and an exquisite, masculine men's fragrance.
OGIMI Luxury Skincare
Coming soon.
Thomas Anders
Coming soon.
Jochen Schweizer
Coming soon.